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Check out our newest gift possiblity

Just in time for the holiday season(s) we are delighted to announce the creation of whimsical hand drawn animal icons (mainly cats) called Caticons. They are vividly colorful renditions of your pet with an icon style halo. At only $20.00 each, they are a sure way to delight any pet owner in your life, including [...]

Enlightening My Cat

Here is my cat Scamp. He’s a bit camera shy so I was delighted to get this quick snap of him until I saw what the back lighting did to him. Now I know some cameras can account for that, but I didn’t know how and had no time to fiddle. Just get the picture. [...]

Kitty Tails

Have you ever taken a picture and then wondered what else there might be of interest in the area? This customer took an adorable picture of 4 barn cats sunning themselves in a barn window. It occurred to her to take a look in the barn and see their backsides. So she took that picture [...]

A quick peek into the future

Here is a picture of where we will be moving to mid September. The building is the Roseville Professional Building located just a few blocks east of HarMar on Hamline across from the new library. We will be in suite 509 on the 5th floor. This is office space so our hours will be more [...]

The Delights of Working

Sometime work is hard, sometimes drudgery, sometimes a way to pass the day, sometimes play. And once in a while it is pure delight.

One of our talented customers brought in the incredibly beautiful digital picture this afternoon to have printed at 24 x 36. I really didn’t have to do any work except to [...]