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Check out our newest gift possiblity

Just in time for the holiday season(s) we are delighted to announce the creation of whimsical hand drawn animal icons (mainly cats) called Caticons.  They are vividly colorful renditions of your pet  with an icon style halo.  At only $20.00 each, they are a sure way to delight any pet owner in your life, including yourself!

They are 4″ by 4″ on a stiff coaster board.  Once done, they can be scanned and transferred to any appropriately shaped photo gifts such as mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads, key tags, etc.


Happy in the sun

We, of course, continue to offer these same products with your photo or artwork and our skilled retouching services.  Please check out our website at artfulimaging.com, caticons.com and our Facebook pages: Caticons and Artful Imaging.


I’m really looking forward to seeing you at our Roseville Professional Building Studio.


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