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Digital coloring is a new option made possible by computers. Until recently the only way to add color to a black and white photograph was to hand tint it with oil paint one picture at a time (which service we also offer, see below). Since the original gray tones showed through the oil paint, the resulting pictures had a characteristic appearance that today we associate with nostalgia.

Our artists use the computer to add hue and in the process color the underlying shadows as well as the highlights. As a result the print looks much more as if it were originally taken in color. An added benefit is that once it is digitally colored, the colors can be easily changed and any number of copies can be printed.

Since early in photographic history hand tinting has been used to enhance photographs.  Done with the highest quality pigment oil paints, the artist paints over the photograph, using the original shapes and shadows.  Some artists use the photograph as a sketch, applying sufficient paint to create a total oil painting look.  Others color in a few items (the flowers held by a little girl, the blue hat worn by a little boy) to create a blend of old and new.  Usually, however, the artist will lightly color all areas of the photograph and then highlight important details such as faces using precision brush strokes for added clarity.

It is possible to start with a recent color photograph, have it re-printed in black and white or sepia, then hand tint the reprint.  The oil produces a beautiful glow not possible with color photographs, and is highly resistant to fading.





The Process

You provide 35mm negatives, slides or photographs from wallet size to 12″ by 17″

We can enlarge your photo; however, for the best quality of the final product, the original should be near the size of the final picture.

Important! If the image is copyrighted, we need a release from the copyright owner (the photographer, store etc.) A note on their stationary will do.  Snapshots you take are exempt.


Professional glossy, semiglossy or matte photo paper

Other special papers and films available.

T-shirts, mugs mouse-pads and other custom products

Prints with an archival life up to 200 years are available.

Print Sizes:

3.5X5, 4X6, 5X7

8X10, 11X14, 12X18, 16×20

Custom sizes up to 44′” wide

Digital Files on:

Floppy disk (jpg format)

CD-ROM (jpg and/or Photoshop formats)

Flash drive