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Photo-based Art

Digital Watercolor

Digital Oil or Acrylic

This is an entirely new field.  Since the beginning of photography artists have used photographs as inspiration for painting.  Digital photography manipulation allows an artist to take this process several steps further.  A photograph is scanned into the computer, cropped, balanced and corrected to the customer’s specifications.  Colors may be changed, unwanted objects removed.

The artist uses this edited photograph to create a simulated painting using the computer as the artistic tool instead of physical brush and pigments.  While software programs exist that automatically produce similar results, they are by design “global” in scope and do not take into account the particulars of most projects.  The artists at Artful Imaging use tools to incorporate their artistic vision and skill to ensure truly unique and beautiful results.

The image is then printed on watercolor paper, canvas, or other art papers.  The canvas is coated to ensure ultraviolet and waterproof protection and is then suitable for framing or stretching over a frame to give a realistic look and feel.