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Prayer Mugs

A Note From Carol: I recently read Sybil McBeth’s wonderful book, Praying in Color.  I have used color as a way of meditating for over 30 years and was very taken with her ideas for a way to pray for people and situations using color and intention. Shortly after I read this book, a friend of mine had a stroke. Other friends and I decided to combine our effors to pray in color for her and gave her a group drawing.  It occurred to me how lovely it would be to use the processes from my shop to make her a mug of the prayer. As you can see below, it is a beautiful gift and a constant reminder to her of people who love her. I have since made mugs for myself with the names and color prayers of people I pray for regularly. As either a gift or for yourself, it is a great way to remember those we love. If you would like to have us make a prayer mug for you, we would love to help. I promise the mug will be made with care and prayer.

Ordering information is below.

Sybil’s books are availabe in our bookstore; her website is here.

Carol Adele-Jewett
Owner, Artful Imaging

How to Order

For best results it is necessary to have a direct scan of your artwork. We do put photos on mugs but in this case a standard photo of your work will not provide the detailed information our computer needs to give you a good product. Option 1: Carefully wrap and ship the finished artwork to us. A photo mailer, available from your local post office and many retail stores, is recommended, In any case protect the page with firm cardboard on both sides. This process does not alter the original image, which will be returned to you along with your prayer mug.  Artful Imaging is not responsible for damage incurred in shipping.Option 2: A color photocopy may be sent but will result in some loss of detail from the original. Option 3: Have your artwork scanned locally and send the image file to us on CD. Scanned image must be at actual size and at least 150 dpi.

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Be sure to include your return shipping information and a phone number and/or email address where we can contact you. Price is $25.00 including return shipping. You may include a check with your order, or phone us at 651.631.3736 to pay by credit card or request a Paypal invoice . If you are in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, stop into our studio in Roseville with your praying in color work, save on shipping and choose from many other products on which your artwork can be displayed. Call 651.631.3736 for hours and directions.

PRAYERMUG WORKSHOPS ARE NOW FORMING. Call 651.631.3736 for more information.